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New Hope Family Shelter, Inc. (doing business as New Hope for Families) is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

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​There are many ways you can help families and children at the point of their greatest need.  Our families generally arrive with very little in the way of daily supplies.  You can provide toiletries, household items, or "Baskets of Hope" for families moving into their new homes.  Please read below to identify the activities that resonate with your interests or most closely align with your civic project, church outreach or service organization.  If you want to volunteer for a project, have questions or wish to make a suggestion,

please:  Fill Out the Form Below, call 812-334-9840 or Email Us

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Baskets of Hope

Families experiencing homelessness sometimes have to give up all of their goods when they lose their housing. We try to help families when they leave New Hope by providing them with a starter set for the kitchen, the bath, and the bedroom. Several groups have gotten together to put together Baskets of Hope, filled with items, often centered around a theme, that we can give to families when they leave the shelter.

Welcome Bags

We are also creating Welcome Bags to give to new residents - for children these are filled with a book, a plush toy, and an age appropriate toy that the child gets to keep. This helps children feel welcome during a very stressful time. We welcome donations of new toys (e.g. art supplies, coloring books, handheld games, cards) and books as well as small book bags (e.g. canvas shopping bags). We currently have a sufficient supply of plush toys. For adults we are including toiletries (hair brushes, tooth brushes, grooming kits) and welcome suggestions for what else to include.

How to Donate

Please contact us to confirm that we need specific items and make the necessary arrangements. Also, our shelters are two houses with a minimal amount of storage space as it is the home for families. If you are interested in seeing the shelter and would like to learn more about the programming we offer, please call for an appointment - we welcome the opportunity to meet with community members. If you have a one time donation we can arrange to pick it up.


Donations to New Hope are tax deductible. When you make a donation, you will receive this sheet  - feel free to print it out and give it to the person from New Hope who receives the item. You will then be mailed a letter thanking you for your donation, and this letter is your receipt for tax purposes. Please estimate the value of your donations, as we are not allowed to place a value on donated items. Use this form to list your donations and estimate the value of your items for your receipt.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept used clothing at this time - we lack the space to store clothing and encourage donors to consider donating clothes to area thrift shops (Opportunity House, The Thrift Shop, The Salvation Army, or My Sisters Closet) where our residents receive vouchers to shop.


Furniture donations should be directed to St. Vincent de Paul or Habitat for Humanity Restore, who have graciously agreed to assist us in this area.

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