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New Hope welcomes new staff member to focus on homelessness prevention

Tessa Newton

Homelessness Prevention Coordinator

Tessa Newton

As the new Homelessness Prevention Coordinator at New Hope for Families, Tessa Newton works with families that qualify for Indiana's Rental Assistance Funding program to avoid eviction and stay in their home.

New Hope is a regional hub for administering rental assistance funds to six Indiana counties. The homelessness prevention coordinator receives pre-approved applications from the State of Indiana's Housing & Community Development Authority (IHCDA). Then, she works with tenants and landlords to determine how much rental assistance funds will be needed to prevent eviction. The homelessness prevention coordinator also connects renters with other relevant social service agencies based on their needs.

Tessa holds a B.A in Spanish and Criminal Justice from Indiana University Bloomington. She is certified as a paralegal through Purdue University Fort Wayne. Growing up in Indianapolis, she became bilingual in Spanish through immersion study beginning at age four. She has seven years of experience in the social work field in Indianapolis and Bloomington, helping families involved with the Indiana Department of Child Services.

New Hope for Families is a community leader in social services for families in crisis. We administer an emergency shelter program for families experiencing homelessness and offer nationally accredited childcare and early learning programs that give children the good start they deserve for future success in school and life.

Our residential shelter program offers emergency housing for up to seven families at a time. In response to the increased demand for services created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily increased the number of families we are serving by more than double that amount. Our staff serve families with respect and compassion, providing a safe place for parents and children to stay together when they need each other most. Through housing and childhood development services, we are committed to breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty, one family at a time.

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